• "Rub Me Sweet"

A seasoning so sweet & true, your dear Grandma will pick you up and join you in a waltz.  What's better than a Grandma dance with a little garlic,an exotic chili pepper or 2, red sparkly sugar, special milled salt and dill weed, Really now isn't that what Grandmas smell like?  This is a True Love Spice that is absolutely elegant on Salmon, snapper, shrimp, corn on the cob, Pineapple & don't forget those Chicken legs!! YOU WILL NEVER PART WITH "RUB ME SWEET".  A special rockin' blend of crystal red sugar, secretly selected chili peppers, Himalayan pink sea salt, garlic powder, sugar, cinnamon and dill weed,This is great on fish and chicken!

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"Rub Me Sweet"

  • $10.00

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